The Carpinteria Living Shoreline Festival is a new birding and nature festival in Carpinteria, California that celebrates the coast through education, arts, and outdoor adventure. Join us April 14-16, 2023 for an exploration of birds, marine life, and human interactions with the shore.

In Spring 2022, we are planning a special preview event, focused on Birding- a Little Big Day. Stay tuned!

This is an all-volunteer, non-profit effort. Our Organizing Committee is composed of:

  • Phylene Wiggins, Chair 
  • Jan Campbell, Fundraising 
  • Elsa Farias, Treasurer 
  • Laine Martens, Secretary 
  • John Callender, Programs 
  • Julie Capritto, Volunteers 
  • Jim Taylor
  • Laurel Luby
  • Tom Beland
  • Sharyn Main
  • Lea Boyd 

Our Lead/Fiscal Sponsor is the Santa Barbara Foundation. The Birding Track is sponsored by the Santa Barbara Audubon Society, the Human Interactions with the Shore Track is sponsored by the Sierra Club, and the Marine Life Track is sponsored by the Carpinteria Valley Association. We are looking for other sponsors — please use the Contact page to get in touch.


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